Internet of Things

Connect your devices and unify your data to build better IoT services

Coiote IoT is a portfolio of products that are the answer to the needs of device and data management in the Internet of Things.

Coiote IoT Device Management

  • Enabling management of the entire device lifecycle is essential for providing a complete IoT environment. IoT devices need to be remotely configured and managed as well as regularly upgraded and monitored. Coiote IoT Device Management is a comprehensive platform for managing devices with LwM2M – the standard protocol for IoT device management.

Coiote IoT Data Orchestration

  • In order to set up new IoT services, you want to avoid creating silos. By having one system that integrates various sources of data and utilizes the infrastructure you already have in place, Coiote IoT Data Orchestration allows you to create new services without any custom development.


  • Coiote IoT Platform can be utilized in telecom industry to manage whole lifecycle of all connected devices.


  • Coiote IoT Platform can be utilized in automotive industry to manage and support smart cars, car location etc.


  • Coiote IoT Platform can be utilized in smart city as a main IoT platform to manage devices and Data of a whole city.

    Smart City

  • Coiote IoT Platform can be utilized to manage industrial equipment.

    Industrial Equipment

  • Coiote IoT Platform can be utilized in utilities as main IoT Platform to manage smart meters.


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  Coiote IoT Device Management Coiote IoT Data Orchestration Coiote IoT
Remote device configuration -
Bulk device management -
Application management (SOTA, application management & monitoring) -
Collecting & presenting telemetry data -
Advanced integration & aggregation of data -
End-to-end service activation -
Advanced workflow engine & event handling -
Map visualization & geo-fencing -
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