AVSystem’s Solutions get the Best Server and Client Results During OMA TestFest 2016!

awards 19 December 2016

Singapore, Singapore – 6 December 2016 –AVSystem’s solutions – Coiote and libLwM2M – placed themselves among the best Server and Client results during the Open Mobile Alliance (OMA) TestFest held in October 2016.

Being an active member of the Open Mobile Alliance , AVSystem once again decided to participate in the OMA TestFest Event to support the process of ensuring the quality of OMA specifications and to enable verification and tests of the interoperability of vendors’ product implementations.

In January 2016, AVSystem participated in the previous event held in San Diego, achieving top results. Thus, it was no surprise, that with 96 passed test cases, AVSystem Coiote and libLwM2M (Embedded LwM2M library) once again achieved excellent results during both Server and Client tests. Singapore TestFest used test scenarios defined in OMA-ETS-LightweightM2M-V1_0-20151208-C as a reference. Additional scenarios for testing security and Bootstrap Interface were also executed successfully.

“Considering forthcoming LwM2M 1.0 release, the interoperability testing and technical collaboration between different vendors seem key factors affecting future adoption of LwM2M standard in IoT environment” – says Wojciech Czech, CTO at AVSystem.“We were glad to have an opportunity to exchange ideas and discuss our solution with colleagues working in the IoT area. We are sure that the technical quality and robustness of the LwM2M protocol will make it become a leading technology of IoT in coming years.”

AVSystem Coiote is a comprehensive IoT Platform for M2M device management, orchestration and monitoring. The platform fully supports M2M protocols such as the OMA LwM2M, MQTT and TR-069. This, together with extended virtualization capabilities, enables the integration of a variety of connected devices and simplified deployment and management of new M2M services. Coiote’s key features include extended virtualization capabilities, easy coordination of collective device behaviour and integration with any external system thanks to an event bus compatible with ESB service architecture.

AVSystem libLwM2M is a LwM2M client library (C language) prepared specifically for integration with constrained devices. The library has proprietary CoAP implementation and is compatible with LwM2M 1.0 release candidate.

Achieving such good results twice, undoubtedly confirms AVSystem’s products to be fully secure and compliant with the OMA LwM2M specification.

The results from both TestFest that AVSystem took part in can be found here:

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