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AVSystem’s DHCP server is a highly configurable IP network management solution that dynamically assigns and manages IP addresses in enterprise and ISP-grade networks.

Easy deployment and management

Being both uncomplicated and powerful, our DHCP server satisfies all deployment needs. An effortless configuration doesn’t require file modification; and a simple, user-friendly GUI with a structured database enables custom queries and statistical data aggregation.

Uncomplicated IP assignment

Dynamic, rule-based network and IP-pool selection is made easy with clear, flexible and inheritable configuration settings at different levels. This ensures seamless static and dynamic IP assignment and easier network management.

Versatile support and external integration

Our DHCP server is ready for any type of deployment as it simultaneously supports various devices as well as segmented and heterogeneous infrastructures. It also offers easy push and pull integration with third-party systems via REST-based APIs through a simple northbound interface.

Resilient architecture

DHCP server offers inbuilt active-active scalability and high-availability configuration that make it a robust and dependable tool that will run seamlessly even in a challenging telco environment.

Modern approach for contemporary networks

AVSystem’s DHCP server is an uncompromising, modern solution that keeps ahead of the current networking trends. With it, you no longer have to worry about the most common shortcomings of legacy “static” approaches. DHCP makes flexible and ongoing expansion possible for enterprises and ISPs, without them having to invest in network infrastructure they don’t need.

  • Friendly GUI, easy setup and flexible, hierarchical configuration

  • Tools to support both classic devices and modern network components

  • Simultaneous support of multiple networks / VLANs / technologies

  • Support of NATed networks / IP overlap

  • High-availability as integral part of the solution

  • Third-party integration

  • Structured database with historical data

What you gain with our DHCP server
DHCP Server workload
Decreased workload

Less time spent on maintenance activities, allowing network administrators to focus fully on service creation and generation of new revenue streams.

Effective IP address utilization

Improved utilization of IP pools – lower number of IP pools enables smaller carriers to operate in an IP-depleted environment.

Do you need better network inventory solutions?

Our DHCP server belongs to a comprehensive set of scalable tools that help telcos and ISPs in managing their devices and networks. See what else we can do for you.

Greater possibilities

If you are looking for an exhaustive DOCSIS provisioning solution, our DHCP server and Unified Management Platform work together to provide you with a seamless device configuration and management service. Read more about DOCSIS provisioning.


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