LibCWMP implements an industry standard remote management protocol, helping firmware
vendors add support for it quickly and reliably.


Support for all versions of CWMP

Full support for all non-deprecated features described in TR-069 Amendment 5 specification, with seamless backwards compatibility with earlier versions.

Support for any data model

The library is data model agnostic and can be used with any standard or custom parameter tree, including all profiles published by the Broadband Forum.

Minimal dependencies on external software

Very little external dependencies, and can be configured to use nothing more than standard C library ‒ which means it can be used even on “bare metal”. See →Technical specification for details.

Runs on any platform

LibCWMP can be compiled for any platform with a standard ISO C compiler. Operating system abstraction layer allows to easily port it, while it works on POSIX-compliant systems out of the box.

Looking for a self-contained TR-069 client?
You might be interested in our product →TEC which is not only a framework but a complete, self-contained remote management client.

Flexible, modular design

It is possible to create a custom build of the library, with selectively chosen modules, to balance feature set and resource usage appropriately for your hardware.

Integrated XMPP support

Internal implementation of XMPP client, as necessary for the XMPP Connection Request mechanism, as specified in TR-069 Annex K. UDP Connection Request over STUN (TR-069 Annex G) is also available.

Pre-implemented diagnostics profiles

This makes possible to not only manage your device, but also monitor it. Various standard diagnostic data model profiles, often requested by service providers, are available and ready to use with minimal effort.

Automatic handling of notifications

A unique caching module can be enabled in libCWMP, which automatically queries parameters in your data model for changes, to inform the ACS whenever there is a need to send notifications.


Fulfill requirements of service providers

Make your products more attractive for service providers. Implement support for CWMP (TR-069), an industry standard remote management and monitoring protocol, which is increasingly required by service providers worldwide.

on the essentials

Don't waste your time and effort on implementing complicated internal logic of the management protocol and let libCWMP do the job. Concentrate only on features specific to your product.


Don't worry about compatibility. Your product will work with any service provider network, regardless of the management platform they are using. Our library guarantees interoperability with any standard-compliant ACS on the market, as proven by multiple deployments over the years.

Simplify testing and support

Access a dedicated installation of our ACS server (→UMP) to test your management interface in the same way that your customers will. And should you encounter any problems during integration - take advantage of active support available from our skilled and experienced engineers.


Uncompressed binary size of full-featured library ~500 KiB
Runtime memory usage ~80 KiB
Language standard C89 (recommended: C99 or GNU)
TLS libraries supported OpenSSL, uSSL, PolarSSL / mbed TLS, wolfSSL
Support for HTTP content compression via zlib
CWMP versions supported 1.0 through 1.4
Connection request mechanisms implemented HTTP, UDP/STUN, XMPP
Supported data models Any, including: 1.x (TR-181), Device:2.x (TR-181 Issue2), InternetGatewayDevice (TR-098), all standard Service data models (FAPService, StorageService, STBService, VoiceService), as well as any custom data model tree.
Pre-implemented diagnostic profiles Download:1, DownloadTCP:1, IPPing:1, NSLookupDiag:1, PeriodicStatsBase:1, PeriodicStatsAdv:1, TraceRoute:1, UDPEcho:1, UDPEchoPlus:1, Upload:1, UploadTCP:1
Supported file transfer protocols HTTP(S), FTP, support for pluggable custom protocols
User guide Sphinx, full API documentation (Doxygen), code samples
  • We've selected AVSystem libCWMP because its ultimate small flash & RAM memory footprint. Well done!

    Timothy Cardoza

    AAstra Corporation, USA

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