User Services Platform

Create new services for managed WiFi, mesh networks, and smart home

The User Services Platform (USP) is a new device management protocol that enables faster, more efficient, and reliable monitoring, controlling, and management of connected devices. It can help telcos develop new services, such as managed WiFi, mesh networks, or smart home.

Developed by the Broadband Forum, User Services Platform (also known as TR-369) is a natural evolution of the well-known and widely applied CPE Wan Management Protocol (TR-069) that has been adjusted to the current needs of the telco industry.

USP - User Services Platform
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Download our brochure about the User Services Platform to learn everything you need to know about its architecture, applications, and benefits and discover how it fits in with our software.

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USP - User Services Platform
Get even smarter about your network

Thanks to open sessions, the User Services Platform allows for advanced telemetry and continuous device monitoring. Use this in combination with machine learning and artificial intelligence to get even better insights about your network.

Hand over the reigns to the user

With multicontroller architecture, your customers can now be “field engineers,” too. Create self-care portals to give them agency over their devices and watch the quality of experience grow as the number of support calls decreases.

USP - User Services Platform
Weave a mesh network

Your customers expect perfect coverage throughout their house – and you can give them just that. The User Services Platform facilitates building and managing mesh networks to improve the quality of experience.

Build a smart home offer

Designed to support connected networks of IoT devices, the User Services Platform allows you to develop a premium smart home offer for your customers, moving your telco services to the next level they expect.

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What changed with the User Services Platform?
New architecture

The new protocol comes with new architecture where multiple controllers can be subscribed to a single agent (device). This means multiple management servers can manage, troubleshoot, and control different services on a single device, fostering provider partnership.

Open sessions

Unlike with its predecessor, where the session was always initiated by the device and kept as short as possible, in the User Services Platform it’s possible to keep the sessions alive. This allows for continuous device monitoring and advanced telemetry.

More efficient traffic

USP replaces CWMP connection request mechanism with an efficient binary CPE-to-management server communication and lightweight protocols. This reduces the overhead and makes the communication use orders of magnitude less bytes.

Why choose AVSystem for your USP deployment
Multiprotocol solutions

AVSystem’s products offer dual-stack support for both TR (069 and 369) protocols, guaranteeing compatibility and availability of features for both and seamless cooperation within one installation. On top of that, our UMP also supports other protocols, if you need a multiprotocol solution.

Backwards compatibility

While the User Services Platform is a novelty, its predecessor has been around for over a decade, evolving to meet the market needs. USP draws on that experience, at the same time allowing for an easy migration within our platform when the time comes.

Multitenancy support

Our platforms allow for segmentation, which means you can have different suborganizations under a single installation, regardless of the protocol that they rely on. This lets you easily control all your deployments from one place.

Flexible deployment

Whether you prefer cloud or on-premise installation and whether you prefer software-as-a-service or enterprise pricing model, with AVSystem you will find a platform that is tailored to your business needs. One thing’s for sure – it will support the User Services Platform!

Trusted brand

AVSystem is a brand that has been trusted by over a hundred telco customers all over the world. Just like the Broadband Forum, we too have over a decade of experience in working with the CWMP protocol and millions of devices managed by our platform.

USP - User Services Platform
USP - User Services Platform
USP - User Services Platform
USP - User Services Platform
USP - User Services Platform
USP - User Services Platform
USP - User Services Platform
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Do you want to know how to build smart home services with the User Services Platform? Download our brochure to find out!

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