posted: August 10, 2023 

Revolutionizing Customer Retention: A Deep Dive into the Customer Experience Management

Revolutionizing Customer Retention: A Deep Dive into the Customer Experience Manager

Is Customer Experience Management the Game-Changer in Customer Loyalty?

In today's competitive telecom landscape, the challenge isn't just to attract, but to retain customers. Tackling churn rates can make all the difference, and that's where advanced technological solutions, like the Customer Experience Management (CEM), become game changers.

The Scenario: A Telecom Giant's Hurdle

Our collaboration began with a renowned CSP in southeast Asia, boasting 3.2 million subscribers. Their robust Customer Service department, consisting of 400 professionals, was still battling a significant 20.1% churn rate. The core issue? An obscured view of customer-premise-equipment network performance, leading to hindered upselling and technical service hiccups.

Our Intervention: Beyond a Standard ACS Upgrade

While our primary task was to revamp their existing ACS for Network Operations, we saw an opportunity to enhance their customer service. Our Customer Care portal was introduced, offering an intricate technical overview and pointing to greater potential.

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The Approach: Elevating with Customer Experience Management

Taking cues from the challenges, we rolled out the Customer Experience Management program. The intent? Implement a data-informed, continuous enhancement strategy. The transformation was profound.

Results in Numbers: A Testament to Efficiency

31% Decrease in intervention calls
46% Shortening of average call duration
40% Uptick in first-call resolutions
60% Reduction in end-user experience issues
6x Enhanced accuracy in identifying upsell opportunities

Operational Benefits

These metrics translated to: A notable 35% reduction in churn, potentially boosting customer retention by 7% annually. 22% more availability within the Customer Service team, potentially covering 72% of their clientele for upsell annually. An expected rise of 1% in upsell actions, potentially reaching 6% annually.

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Bonus Insight: Hardware Efficacy

A side perk of the initiative was our ability to assess specific hardware & firmware utility. Presented with three devices for evaluation, our system ascertained that one caused 20% fewer technical incidents, aiding in better hardware decision-making.

Harnessing the Customer Experience Management is more than just leveraging a tool—it's adopting a transformative approach in the telecom realm. This case not only showcases the importance of effective tech solutions but also emphasizes the endless possibilities for proactive CSPs.



Łukasz Pożarlik, Product Owner

Leads development of UMP since 2015, previously Project Manager and Quality Assurance. Graduate in Automation and Robotics, a physicist at heart. Knows a lot of things, some useful, some not so much - willing to share all of it either way. Fan of new technologies, a space enthusiast, optimistic nihilist. Game master in tabletop RPGs and astrophotographer.


Łukasz Pożarlik

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