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Marketing specialist in a Mall - Guest WiFi Marketing

Marketing specialist in a Mall - Guest WiFi Marketing

Juggling flyers, decoding foot traffic, and chasing down mall-goers with surveys? Phew! Ok, now imagine there's a tool that does all that heavy lifting just with guest WiFi. Marketing Specialist, meet Linkyfi – running marketing campaigns for a mall is now not just easier, but a downright laugh!

1. Gathering Personal, Contact Data, and GDPR Consents

One of the primary challenges for marketing specialists is collecting accurate and relevant data, while also ensuring compliance with privacy regulations. With Linkyfi, as visitors connect to the mall's guest WiFi, not only are their essential details captured seamlessly, but GDPR-related consents are also obtained. This ensures that all data is gathered ethically and legally, providing a rich database of potential leads and customer profiles, enabling marketers to tailor their campaigns more effectively.

Use Case

Imagine launching a campaign targeting young adults. With Linkyfi's data collection capabilities, combined with GDPR consents, marketing specialists can easily filter out the relevant age group and send them personalized offers without any legal concerns, enhancing the chances of conversion.

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2. Progressive Profiling

Linkyfi doesn't stop at basic data collection. The platform allows for progressive profiling, where additional data points are gathered over time. This means that the more a visitor uses the mall's WiFi, the more refined their profile becomes.

Use Case:

On a visitor's first connection, they might simply provide their email address. This allows the marketing specialist to initiate contact. In the subsequent two weeks, as they reconnect, they might be prompted to share their name, allowing for more personalized communication. And in the following two weeks, they could be asked about their color preferences, further refining the kind of promotions or products they might be interested in. This gradual approach ensures visitors aren't overwhelmed while providing valuable insights for tailored marketing efforts.

3. User-friendly Configuration

For those who might not be tech-savvy, the drag-and-drop editors and business process editors in Linkyfi ensure that setting up campaigns is a breeze. Instead of grappling with complex interfaces, marketing specialists can focus on crafting compelling campaigns.

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4. Multi-channel Marketing Campaigns

Whether it's emails, SMSes, or even WhatsApp, Linkyfi offers diverse channels for campaign delivery. This flexibility ensures that marketing specialists can reach their audience wherever they are, increasing engagement rates.

Use Case

A special sale during the festive season might warrant a combination of email newsletters, SMS reminders, and WhatsApp notifications to ensure maximum outreach.

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5. Selling Advertising Space with Ad Server

Beyond direct marketing, Linkyfi offers the opportunity for an additional revenue stream. With its built-in ad server, malls can sell advertising space to retailers or external advertisers, turning the guest WiFi service into a profitable venture.

Use Case

A popular coffee chain wants to promote its new outlet in the mall. By purchasing advertising space via Linkyfi, their promotional content can be displayed to users when they connect to the mall's guest WiFi.

6. Business Intelligence and Location Engine:

Understanding foot traffic, peak visit times, and consumer behavior within the mall has never been easier. Linkyfi's location engine provides valuable insights, allowing marketing specialists to make data-driven decisions.

Use Case

Noticing a dip in foot traffic in a specific section of the mall, marketing specialists can launch targeted campaigns or events to boost visitor numbers in that area.


Linkyfi is more than just a guest WiFi platform; it's a comprehensive marketing solution tailored for the unique needs of shopping mall specialists. From data collection to campaign delivery, Linkyfi streamlines processes, offers valuable insights, and even opens up new revenue opportunities. For marketing professionals in the retail space, adopting Linkyfi might just be the game-changer they've been waiting for.

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