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Monitoring network performance at all stages is crucial for telecoms. If you do it right, it will save you a lot of problems down the road and a lot of money otherwise wasted on unnecessary downtime and slowdowns.

This is why telecoms look for end-to-end solutions that will help them visualize their networks and track their performance. With us, you can monitor CPEs, customer edge (CE) routers, as well as access network devices (OLT, eNodeB, CMTS, DSLAM, MSAN), all from a single place.

Ensure service availability

The number one reason for having a network performance monitor is to ensure availability at all times. This is why we provide you with alerts on all individual interfaces that went down and help you identify population-wide anomalies in availability.
With our software, you can use automated SNMP or CLI (SSH / Telnet) monitoring to track administrative and operational status of each service with its upstream and downstream statistics. You can also use ICMP-based monitoring to see the percentage of unavailable devices along with population statistics for delay, jitter, and round trip time.

Keep an eye on your devices

While devices that are crucial to your operations often have beyond-average computing capabilities, they also come under beyond-average stress. Putting too much strain on them affects not just the hardware, it has a direct impact on the network quality.
This is why our monitoring tools track not just the overall network performance, but also individual device CPU and memory usage, as well as temperature, so that you can be notified of any device issues before they’ve got the chance to cause any damage.

Detect data consumption outliers
Detect data consumption outliers

Observing general link consumption is crucial for maintaining a healthy network, as is paying attention to any outliers. Intensive network use by any particular device may indicate potential abuse, while devices that are idle may be experiencing issues that prevent them from normal operations.
Thanks to our solutions, you can assess consumption data either with SNMP-gathered byte counters or by using CPE-specific upload/download diagnostics. Besides categorizing individual services and being able to observe their history, you can easily visualize the trends across your whole device population, i.e. periods of the day with peak data usage.

Easily visualize your network
Easily visualize your network

To be able to act fast when issues arise, you need to understand how your network works. To do that, you should have a clear overview of all its elements and their connections. This is why with our solutions, operators can see the network topology right on the main system dashboard.
The topology shows all the essential performance monitoring components: availability, notifications, and data consumption. Add to that a geographical map and an integrated alert console that is just two clicks away and you have found the one place to supervise your whole network performance.

Stay on top of all your alerts
Stay on top of all your alerts

Receiving alerts is one thing – staying on top of them is another. As our network performance monitoring solutions are tailored to telecoms’ needs, our notification systems are tailored to their NOCs. Team can see alerts for device groups, as well as their category and severity. Alerts can also be assigned to individual users to be resolved or returned to the pool after a preset time-out. Our network performance monitoring is done via SNMP / TR-069 / TR-369 (USP) commands and notifications to track any service parameter. You can also fetch alerts from NMS or any other external system.

The extra that you need

While there are off-the-shelf network performance monitoring tools, your business needs are unique. If besides monitoring you also need to manage overlapping IPv4 networks using IPv6, provide carrier-grade system availability, implement customized external system integrations, easily manage multi-vendor router configuration, or solve any individual use-cases that off-the-shelf products fail to address – we have the expertise. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

Make the monitoring work for you

It is no less important to monitor your network performance over time than to look out for incidental peaks and valleys of traffic. In our solutions we use machine learning to predict possible network issues based on previous anomalies and alert you before they have any impact on your operations.
What is more, the historical data also allows you to monitor business-relevant KPIs in an easy to understand GUI.

Embrace automated actions

The biggest return of investment comes from classifying repetitive alerts and replacing existing manual procedures with automated actions. You can achieve this thanks to the seamless integration between our performance monitoring and the Smart Workflows solution, so that the alerts can be fixed automatically. This translates directly into drastically reducing both the mean time to recover (MTTR) and the number of customer complaint calls.

  • Unified Management Platform

    The network performance monitoring solutions are just some of the features that make our device management platform stand head and shoulders above competition, providing you with better control over your customer care tools. See why else UMP is the platform that you need to simplify your operations, improve services, and drive customer satisfaction.

  • Broadband Service Assurance Platform

    Broadband Service Assurance Platform is a system for monitoring network-related telecommunication services that allows NOCs to perform proactive service maintenance and rapidly resolve network issues.
    Learn how BSAP can help you save money, reduce downtime, and improve the quality of service.

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