AVSystem Releases new Feature set of Flagship Platform – UMP Smart Workflows

Krakow, Poland--AVSystem is proud to announce the release of new UMP Smart Workflows module which helps tackle the challenge of customer care center efficiency.

Operators of the customer care center need to constantly monitor and diagnose the issues reported to them by customers. The operator has to pick up the phone and go through the lengthy procedure of questioning a customer in order to find out what caused weak WiFi signal, slow Internet connection or no Internet connection at all. Many of these and other similar problems are repetitive. This was the reason for us to take the customer care interface of our Unified Device Management Platform (UMP) to the next level with a new module thatsimplifies, speeds up and improves the quality of services offered by customer care employees.

UMP Smart Workflows allows the user to perform diagnostics in the form of ready-to-use health checks which guide the operator to the source of the problem by running more and more detailed actions.

Such health check tasks are integrated with UMP’s Monitoring module which gives insight into historical information and allows for scheduling periodic tasks (that can be run offline), completely reducing manual labor. What’s more, the workflows are fully customizable and don’t require high-tech knowledge to be created. All of this results in the fact that the UMP Smart Workflows Module greatly improves customer care performance by reducing the time of every call and facilitating training of customer care agents. In future releases, AVSystem will be working on making the UMP Smart Workflows even more insightful through introducing new machine learning and AI-driven functionalities.

“Years of using the Unified Device Management Platform in various scenarios by various telecommunications companies all around the world provided us with valuable insights into the challenges that these companies face on a daily basis. One of the key “areas to improve” for telecoms worldwide is the functioning of their customer care departments. Our UMP’s new Smart Workflows Module is an answer to these challenges,” says Łukasz Pożarlik, Product Owner at AVSystem.

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