Unified Device Management Platform

Multiprotocol device management tool for Telcos

UMP allows telco operators monitor, manage and control devices installed in their networks and at their customers' premises.

How does it work?

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    On-site installation

    UMP will be installed on your servers so that you have full control of your network topology.

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    Platform customization

    All the provisioning and monitoring processes will be configured according to your needs. You can also request custom features.

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    External integration

    UMP integration with your external systems like CRM, ticketing system or OSS/BSS will be made using flexible NBI.


Highly efficient and scalable architecture

Support for virtually unlimited number of devices, bound only by available resources – proven by existing million-scale deployments. UMP can run in a homo- or heterogeneous cluster, with built-in load balancing and support for redundancy (including geo-redundancy).

Powerful device group mechanism

All managed devices can be either automatically or manually classified in a hierarchy of customizable groups, allowing to meaningfully manage them in bulk, while allowing fine-grained differentiation and parametrization at the same time.

  • Unified Management Platform Panel

Quality of experience and geo-visualization

Wide range of built-in monitoring and diagnostic tasks help you ensure that your customers always get the experience they expect. Any problems can be displayed on maps, which allow for quick identification where you need to act.

Customer care and self-management

UMP integrates a customizable portal for call center operators, with unified user interface for diagnosing and configuring any device model. There is also a self-management module that allows customers to remotely manage their devices themselves.

Are you looking for a small-scale deployment?
Check out →Cloud ACS, which offers the same reliability and features as a convenient and cost-efficient cloud-based solution.

Dedicated support and training

We offer 24/7 technical support for your deployment and option for custom development. You can also get extensive courses on the TR-069 protocol, device provisioning techniques and methodology, as well as multi-stage training program for the system itself.

Flexible licensing scheme

Request a free trial before buying, and then pay as you grow – you can buy a license for the size of your installation, with the set of features you actually need and use, and then extend it any time when your needs become bigger.


Keep track of any number of devices

Deploy configuration changes and firmware updates with the same ease onto hundreds, thousands, or even millions of devices at once. Let UMP pro-actively monitor for any problems, automatically apply solutions, and generate detailed reports. And in case of any trouble, call our 24/7 support.

Suit your

ACS installed on-site lets you take full control of your network topology, for example to use a separate secure subnet for management. Let us tailor the feature set for your needs and pay only for what you use – or ask for custom functionalities when the need arises.

Quickly respond to new challenges

Add support for a new device model instantly, without disrupting system operation. Perform even the most complex reconfiguration tasks on groups of devices of any size. And find previously unforeseen features in your equipment by accessing it via multiple protocols simultaneously.

in one place

Replace several systems with one – manage devices via any protocol (TR-069, OMA-DM, SNMP, even Telnet or SSH) through the same user interface and with the same features. You can also integrate our DHCP and AAA solutions and use flexible NBI for communication with external systems.

Bring your customer WiFi experience to the next level

UMP WiFi Optimization

Deployment options

  Cloud ACS UMP Standard deployment UMP Enterprise deployment
Intended customer profile Tier 2 & Tier 3 telcos Medium to large operators Large telcos with individual needs
Equipment needed None (cloud-based) Server or servers Servers
Number of devices < 20 000 20 000 - 500 000 > 100 000
Easy growing and scaling
All modules and features
Management protocol support
Communication security TLS with AVSystem’s certificate TLS with customer’s certificate TLS with customer’s certificate
User management Basic Comprehensive with fine-grained access control Comprehensive with fine-grained access control
System maintenance,
regular updates
Training courses and materials Standard Standard Dedicated
Support for management network isolation -
Technical support 24/7 Option to buy Option to buy
Customizations - Option to buy


Supported management protocols CWMP (TR-069), DOCSIS, SNMP, CLI (SSH, Telnet), OMA-DM, Config File (HTTP(S), FTP, TFTP), LwM2M (only 1.0, see Coiote IoT Device Management for latest versions) and others
Supported device classes Residential gateways (xDSL, ETTx, FTTx, xPON, cable, PLC), mobile routers (3G, LTE, WiMAX), business routers, STBs, VoIP terminals, IP phones, femtocells, smart home hubs, smart meters, smart phones, tablets, IP cameras, power management devices
Monitoring plugins Core Network Monitoring (Latency, WiMAX BTS, LTE BTS, Mikrotik, DSLAM), Access Monitoring (DSL, LTE, WiMAX), Service Monitoring (Data, IPTV, Voice, FAP, LAN, WiFi security, Smart WiFi), Generic (Inactive devices, Device log, Recource), Custom monitoring
Discovery of new devices Seamless and fully automatic. Connect device to the system to detect its capabilities
Clustering and load balancing Integrated support
External system integrations North-bound interface for communication with OSS/BSS or other external systems in push and pull models over SOAP or REST web services
Graphical User Interface Web based, configurable with multi-language support
System requirements Runs in Java environment on Linux servers
Application monitoring JMX connector (e.g. Zabbix)
  • AVSystem provided us with a perfect solution for service management, monitoring and troubleshooting, which makes the work of Network Operations and Technical Support teams much easier. I am sure that the system will bring us many benefits in the area of cost reduction and quality of service assurance.

    Hans Troelstra

    COO, M7Group SA

  • AVSystem’s UMP turned out to be the best solution for our specific service provisioning requirements and planned improvements in customer service. () The deployment of AVSystem’s UMP enabled us to enrich our provisioning process and was done within the desirable deadlines and without disruption of any remaining business processes.

    Pedro Martinez

    Senior Manager Wireline Engineering/Infrastructure, Sunrise, Switzerland

  • We have chosen AVSystem UMP over other available solutions due to its powerful and flexible XML scripting language, easy new device integration and non-TR- 069 protocol support. Other systems using standard languages (such as Python or PHP), which were not designed from scratch for device provisioning generate many more problems in such an operational context.

    Jörgen Lindqvist

    CTO, Ownit, Sweden

  • AVSystem UMP allows to customize settings for each and every device, which provides particular value on the B2B-market. Moreover, AVSystem UMP made it possible to migrate telephony registries and databases without any interference of services for our clients.

    Martin Larsson

    Operations Manager, Bahnhof, Sweden

  • We find AVSystem Unified Management Platform the most mature product on the market bringing best performance together with a set of advanced monitoring and data mining tools for pro-active problem detection.

    Gantogoo Zundui

    CTO, Skymedia, Mongolia

DOCSIS deployments easier than ever

Check out the DOCSIS Provisioning solution

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