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How WiFi Can Help You Advertise Your Products

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How WiFi Can Help You Advertise Your Products: A Guide to Guest WiFi Marketing

Have you ever found yourself asking for the WiFi password at a restaurant or airport? Of course, you have! It's hard to resist the temptation of free WiFi. 

According to an article in USA Today titled"Hotel guests use WiFi within Seven Minutes," a survey conducted by English hotelier Roomzzz revealed that 65% of guests were online within seven minutes of checking in, and one-third of them requested the Wi-Fi password as soon as they arrived.

And that's why guest WiFi solutions have become so popular. But did you know that offering free WiFi can also be a great way to enhance your customer experience and market your business?

If you're curious about how effective WiFi hotspot advertising can be or how WiFi advertising works, keep reading to discover more about the benefits of this powerful marketing tool.

By using a splash page or captive portal, you can direct customers to promotional offers or invite them to sign up for your email or SMS subscriber list. But that's not all! There are plenty of other creative ways to use guest WiFi solutions to promote your business and improve your customer experience.

Ready to explore the benefits of WiFi advertising and how you can use it to boost your marketing campaigns? Let's dive in!

Ads on Captive Portal

When it comes to advertising on WiFi captive portal advertising is a great way to promote your brand and offers. Users are presented with an ad or promotional message when they login to your WiFi network, and this is effective as users are often looking for something to occupy their time while they wait for their device to connect to the network. Rather than focusing on click-through rates, captive portal advertising should be viewed as a way to raise brand awareness.

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Data gathering

Guest WiFi marketing solutions not only provide a means to offer free WiFi to customers but also allow businesses to gather valuable customer data. With every log-in to the WiFi network, businesses can collect information such as first name and email address. This data can be used for future marketing campaigns, including email newsletters and special promotions. 

In fact, traditional loyalty cards can be replaced with WiFi log-ins where customers enter their email addresses and receive a discount code, providing value to the customer while also giving businesses access to their contact information. This data can then be used to calculate the customer's average basket value and determine the record value of the discount.

5 rules for creating an effective captive portal survey

If you're planning to use captive portal surveys to gather customer data, it's important to follow these five rules for maximum effectiveness.

  1. Keep the survey short with a maximum of three questions.
  2. Include at least one marketing channel, such as email.
  3. Include at least one personal info question, such as the first name.
  4. Include at least one category question to identify target groups.
  5. And finally, limit the frequency of surveys to once every few weeks.

By following these rules, you can gather useful data while still providing a positive user experience.

Benefits of utilizing customer data

Once customer data is gathered through a guest WiFi marketing solution, it can be used in several ways to benefit the business. Here are some examples:

  1. Use the data for marketing campaigns to build customer loyalty

  2. Promote special events or sales, such as Black Friday

  3. Use omnichannel marketing toreach customersthrough multiple channels, such as email and social media

Progressive Profiling

As customers log in to your WiFi network multiple times, you can use progressive profiling to gather more detailed information about them. This is the next step in Proximity WiFi marketing. For example, during the first log-in, you may collect their email address and first name. During their second log-in, you may ask for their phone number. 

This allows you to build a more complete picture of your customers over time, which can be used to tailor your marketing efforts and provide a more personalized guest experience. Ultimately, this can lead to higher engagement rates and greater customer loyalty.

Proximity Marketing

WiFi Proximity marketing is a highly targeted form of marketing that utilizes location-based services to reach potential customers in the immediate vicinity of a business. By using geolocation technology, businesses can send promotional messages or offers to customers who are nearby or within a certain distance of their store. The Device Research study stated that when customers are logged onto the store’s WiFi, 74% would be happy for the company to send them text messages or emails with promotional offers.

For example, a coffee shop can send a promotional message offering a discount on a latte to customers who are within a certain distance of their store, enticing them to stop by and make a purchase. This strategy is particularly effective for impulsive buyers who are more likely to purchase when they see a special offer or discount.

Transform Your WiFi into a Marketing Tool with LinkyFi

In today's highly competitive business landscape, businesses must find innovative ways to advertise their products. Guest WiFi marketing solutions have emerged as a powerful tool to enhance customer experience and market your business. In addition to the benefits of WiFi advertising discussed in this guide, businesses can now streamline the process of guest WiFi management, data gathering, and marketing automation with solutions like Linkyfi.With advanced features such as proximity marketing, progressive profiling, and captive portal advertising, LinkyFi can boost your marketing campaigns and provide a better guest experience. Plus, with the ability to monetise your WiFi hotspot, businesses can turn a cost centre into a profit centre. 


To learn more about how Linkyfi can benefit your business, contact us.


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