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WiFi monetization and marketing

WiFi monetization and marketing


The true potential of WiFi extends beyond the basics of providing connectivity. In the right context, it becomes an unparalleled source of income and a powerful marketing channel.

WiFi Monetization: Turning Cost into Revenue

WiFi monetization involves generating revenue from a WiFi network. It’s a shift from viewing WiFi solely as an expense to recognizing it as a potential income source. This transformation is primarily realized through two methods - indirect and direct monetization.

I have WiFi in my venue

Pioneering this shift from expense to income is Linkyfi, a versatile platform designed for guest WiFi monetization and marketing. Equipped to manage both direct and indirect monetization strategies, Linkyfi harnesses the full potential of your WiFi network, turning it into a robust revenue generator and marketing tool.

I want to have WiFi in my venue

Haven't joined the WiFi revolution yet? Don't worry, we've got you covered. To embark on this exciting journey, start by using our handy access-point coverage calculator. It will guide you on establishing the perfect WiFi network in your venue. Let's illuminate every corner with seamless connectivity together!

Why do I need WiFi in my venue?

Wondering why you need WiFi in the 4G or 5G era? Check The Unwavering Importance of WiFi in the 5G Era to see why WiFi is irreplaceable.

I have no time to read it

Eager to monetize but short on time to read further? We understand. Take the express route to revenue generation.

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Indirect Monetization

Contact Data Gathering for Marketing Campaigns

Collect user contact information (with their consent) during the WiFi login process. This data, such as email addresses or phone numbers, can be invaluable for running targeted marketing campaigns, boosting customer engagement and, ultimately, sales.


Collecting contact data effectively can supercharge your marketing campaigns, and WiFi technology is at the heart of this process. Delve into these insightful articles: The Power of Captive Portals in WiFi Marketing and How to Connect WiFi Marketing to Automation. For a more dynamic learning experience, don't miss out on this informative video Linkyfi - WiFi Captive Portals and Login Flows. Together, these resources provide a comprehensive understanding of how to leverage WiFi technology for efficient contact data gathering and marketing automation.

Personal Data Gathering for Offer Optimization

With user consent, gather personal data like demographics or browsing history to understand user preferences better. This insight can help optimize your offers, tailor your services, or develop personalized marketing strategies, enhancing customer experience and loyalty.

Harnessing the power of personal data for offer optimization can significantly elevate your marketing strategies and business growth. Discover how you can gather user data through WiFi marketing in these insightful articles: How to Use Marketing Strategies for Business Growth and Leveraging User Data in WiFi Marketing. For a more visual exploration of these concepts, take a moment to watch our instructive video Linkyfi - WiFi Statistics and User Behavior

Ready to unlock the power of data for offer optimization? Schedule a meeting with our team of experts today.

Surveys and Feedback

Leverage the WiFi access process as an opportunity to gather user feedback or conduct surveys. Users could be asked to complete a quick survey or provide feedback about your services in exchange for WiFi access. This real-time information can be vital in enhancing services and user experience.

Learn how to create effective surveys through guest WiFi marketing in this comprehensive article: Unlocking Opportunities with Guest WiFi Marketing. This resource provides a wealth of knowledge on crafting impactful surveys that can boost your service quality and customer experience.

Behavior Analytics

Anonymize and aggregate user data to gain insights into user behavior, such as peak usage times, most-visited sites, or preferred services. This invaluable data can drive business strategies, optimize resource allocation, and improve marketing effectiveness.

Ad-Based WiFi

Implement targeted advertising on your WiFi landing or login pages. Businesses can promote their products or services directly to users as they connect to the WiFi. This direct line of communication can boost ad revenue and simultaneously enhance the user experience with relevant ads.

Location-Based Services

Implement location-based services to push notifications or targeted ads based on a user's location within your venue. This can be particularly useful for businesses with large venues like shopping malls or airports.

Here are some valuable resources to delve into this topic:

1. Understanding the Concept Grasp the essence of location-based marketing by reading our article on Exploring Proximity Marketing.

2. Implementation Guide Set up your own location-based services with our easy-to-follow guide How to Configure WiFi for Location-Based Services.

3. Case Study For a practical perspective, watch our video case study and read about Implementing Linkyfi in a Shopping Mall. These resources showcase how location-based services can be effectively used in a real-world scenario.

These comprehensive resources provide insights into the power of location-based services, giving you the knowledge to turn your WiFi network into a potent marketing and monetization tool.

Excited to explore the possibilities of location-based services? Schedule a meeting with our Linkyfi experts today.

Social Media Promotions

Encourage users to share your business on social media in exchange for WiFi access. This helps promote your brand and increases your online visibility.

Branded Landing Page

Use the WiFi landing page to promote your brand, upcoming events, special deals, or new products. This not only monetizes your WiFi but also drives customer engagement.

Direct monetization

Tiered Access Packages

Develop tiered WiFi packages based on speed, bandwidth, or usage time. Users can choose to pay for premium service levels that suit their needs. This can be particularly effective in hotels, airports, or coffee shops where users may need extended or high-speed access.

Subscription Plans

Implement monthly or yearly subscription plans. Regular customers or visitors can pay a recurring fee for consistent, high-quality WiFi access. This method provides a steady stream of revenue and enhances customer loyalty.

Partnerships for Paid Access

Collaborate with other businesses to offer WiFi as a part of their service package. For example, a partnership with an airline could include your WiFi

Event-Based WiFi

During events like conferences, outdoor exhibitions or concerts, offer WiFi as a paid service. Given the high demand for connectivity during such events, attendees are often willing to pay for reliable and fast WiFi access.

Intrigued by the direct monetization potential of your WiFi? Let's transform your network into a revenue generator. Schedule a meeting with our Linkyfi specialists today to discuss the profit-making possibilities!


WiFi marketing is an emerging field that enables businesses to engage with customers in innovative ways. Here are five sample strategies to harness the power of WiFi for marketing:

Data-Driven Personalization

WiFi can collect data (with user consent) about customer behaviors and preferences, enabling businesses to personalize offers and communication.

These insights empower businesses to tailor their offers and communications to individual customers' unique needs and interests. AI's predictive capabilities can anticipate customer needs based on past behaviors, offering a deeply personalized and intuitive user experience. This level of customization transforms marketing efforts, making them more efficient, effective, and customer-centric

Discover the potential of personalized WiFi marketing. Schedule a chat with our team.

Location-Based Marketing

Using WiFi to provide location-specific content or offers. For example, a coffee shop might send a coupon for a discount on a latte when a customer is near their location.

Advanced Captive Portals

Utilizing captive portals goes beyond merely customizing the login page that users see when connecting to WiFi. They can be intelligently adapted based on time, language, and whether the user is new or returning.

For example, a morning login might greet the user with a breakfast offer, while an evening connection might suggest a dinner special. Language adaptation ensures that users from different backgrounds feel welcomed and understood, while customized messages for new versus returning customers can aid in both acquisition and retention. The ability to customize content based on these parameters enhances user engagement, provides a tailored customer experience, and maximizes the marketing potential of your WiFi network.

Social WiFi Marketing

Encourage customers to log into your WiFi network using their social media accounts. This allows for seamless access for users and provides businesses with an opportunity to increase their social media engagement.

Push Notifications

WiFi networks can be configured to send real-time push notifications to customers via for example SMS - see example. For instance, a retail store might send an SMS about a flash sale happening in real-time or a restaurant could text customers about a limited-time special menu. This immediate and direct form of communication can grab customer attention, drive impromptu purchases, and keep your business at the top of their minds.

Each of these strategies provides a unique opportunity to engage with customers, drive sales, and enhance the overall customer experience.

Turn your WiFi into a marketing powerhouse. Speak with our Linkyfi experts now.

Linkyfi features

Linkyfi, a robust WiFi marketing and monetization platform, is equipped with a range of features designed to augment your marketing efforts and drive revenue. Here are five standout features:

Advanced User Data Gathering

Linkyfi gathers user data with consent, enabling businesses to understand their customers better and craft personalized marketing strategies. Leveraging AI, it can predict customer behaviors and preferences for targeted campaigns.

Captive Portal Customization

Linkyfi allows for the creation of dynamic captive portals tailored to the user's time of access, language, and whether they're new or returning. This personalized touch enhances user experience and engagement.

Location-Based Services

Linkyfi's location-based services go a step further with the inclusion of a built-in location engine powered by both supervised and unsupervised machine learning. This advanced feature enables hyper-targeted, location-specific content or offers. Whether your customers are near your venue or within it, the location engine allows for an optimized, personalized experience, thereby increasing the likelihood of engagement and purchases. This makes Linkyfi not just a WiFi service but a sophisticated marketing tool attuned to your customers' location dynamics.

Integrated Marketing Campaigns Engine

Linkyfi boasts a comprehensive marketing campaigns engine with out-of-the-box support for both SMS and email. This means you can design, execute, and manage entire marketing campaigns directly from the platform, reaching your customers through their preferred communication channels. Timely, direct messages about special offers, events, or alerts can be easily dispatched, driving engagement and encouraging sales. This feature transforms Linkyfi into a powerful, multi-channel marketing tool, centralizing your efforts and enhancing their impact.

Social Media Integration

With Linkyfi, customers can log into your WiFi network using their social media accounts. This not only enhances user experience but also provides businesses with a chance to increase their social media visibility and engagement.

With these features, Linkyfi goes beyond traditional connectivity solutions, transforming your WiFi network into a potent tool for marketing and monetization.

Ready to revolutionize your WiFi marketing? Let's start the journey together.

Linkyfi Case Studies

Linkyfi's transformative potential can be witnessed across various sectors. Let's delve into some real-world examples that underscore its effectiveness as a WiFi marketing and monetization platform.

  • Retail - Shopping Mall: The Posnania Shopping Mall leveraged Linkyfi to create a personalized shopping experience for their visitors, driving sales and enhancing customer satisfaction. Learn more about their journey with Linkyfi here.
  • Restaurant Chain: Park Cafe utilized Linkyfi to foster a unique and engaging dining experience for their customers, leading to higher customer retention rates. Read the complete case study here.
  • Education: Linkyfi was instrumental in enhancing connectivity and providing personalized services in the education sector. Discover more about this implementation here.
  • Buses: WIBUS used Linkyfi to improve passenger experience through real-time updates and location-based services. Check out the complete story here.
  • Soccer Stadium: Legia Warsaw Soccer Stadium implemented Linkyfi to offer personalized fan experiences, leading to increased fan engagement. Learn more about their success story here.
  • Outdoor Exhibitors: AgroShow utilized Linkyfi to enhance visitor engagement through personalized offers and real-time updates. Explore this unique implementation here.
  • Promotional Campaigns: Banco do Brasil capitalized on Linkyfi's marketing campaign engine for effective promotional campaigns, driving higher customer engagement. Delve into their journey with Linkyfi here.

These case studies showcase the breadth of Linkyfi's application and its capacity to elevate customer experience while optimizing business operations across various sectors.

Ready to write your own success story with Linkyfi? Get in touch with our team today and let's co-create an incredible journey. Your business could be our next standout case study!

How to Implement Linkyfi

Alright, let's get down to business with a simple 10-step guide to setting up a guest WiFi network that's more than just connectivity, it's also a hub for marketing and monetization.

  1. Begin by investing in enterprise-level access points. These powerful devices are the backbone of your WiFi infrastructure.
  2. Next, ensure these access points are connected to the Internet. This is fundamental for creating an efficient and responsive network.
  3. Now it's time to integrate Linkyfi into your system. You can purchase this game-changing software via contact form.
  4. Up next: Configuring an external captive portal. But don't let this intimidate you - our Linkyfi experts are here to manage this task on your behalf. It's like having an in-house tech team ready to support your mission.
  5. Configuring the external RADIUS server might sound complicated, but rest assured, our Linkyfi technicians are on it. They'll handle this smoothly.
  6. Next in line is configuring the walled garden. Again, the Linkyfi team will take the lead, ensuring everything is perfectly set up for your business needs.
  7. Now that the technical groundwork is laid, it's time for you to map out your desired user journey flow. Design an engaging and intuitive pathway for your users to follow, creating a positive experience.
  8. Once that's implemented, it's time to review and analyze your user stats. This data is a goldmine of information that can help you understand your user base and tailor your services accordingly.
  9. With the user insights in hand, roll out your marketing campaigns. Use targeted messaging and offers to engage and retain your customers.
  10. Lastly, monitor the impact of these campaigns on your customer base and revenue. Seeing growth here will validate your efforts and inspire your next steps.

With Linkyfi, the process of building a high-performing guest WiFi network isn't just a technical task, it's an opportunity for growth and advancement. Now, you're not just a network manager, you're a strategic innovator. Go forth and excel!

Eager to explore the benefits of Linkyfi? There's no time like the present. Reach out to our team now, and let's embark on your journey towards advanced WiFi monetization and marketing. Let's start implementing Linkyfi today!



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