Linkyfi Location Engine

WiFi-based indoor location for all types of venues

LLE is a smart WiFi solution for detecting and locating WiFi-equipped devices. It enables to gain valuable WiFi users’ insights and understand their behaviors in a venue to adapt it to their needs and improve the on-site experience.

How does it work?

  • Detect the presence of WiFi-equipped devices

    Based on the WiFi signal strength, access points detect the presence of nearby WiFi-equipped devices.

  • Determine the exact location of WiFi users

    The RSSI measurements are transmitted to LLE, which aggregates the collected data to determine the exact location of a WiFi user.

  • Analyze real-time & historical location data

    LLE delivers ready-to- use location data in a form of WiFi user routes, heat maps, and analytics.

Heat maps

Linkyfi Location Engine visualizes footfall traffic and real-time and historical trends on heat maps. They can be applied to all physical spaces to analyze dwell time, choke points, or entry and exit points. It enables to fully understand how people move around the venue and what are their behavior patterns in order to optimize venue layouts, set displays for optimal reach, or validate product placement.


LLE collects, processes, and analyzes real-time and historical data to get actionable insights into customers’ behavior. It allows to measure KPIs, discover trends, generate reports, and combine location and behavioral data to trigger actions. Such analytical data can be used to allocate business resources, introduce geofencing into marketing campaigns, and analyze marketing effectiveness.

API access

Linkyfi Location Engine can be connected to other enterprise systems or enablement tools with API. It allows businesses to use real-time intelligence to develop application solutions and location-enabled apps or to incorporate location data into CRM/CMS systems. By integrating LLE with their own applications, enterprises can build modern location-based intelligent solutions.

More features

WiFi user tracker

Based on the received RSSI, LLE can accurately locate and track all WiFi users in the venue. It allows to determine their precise location in real time, monitor what premises they visit and what attracts their attention, and use context-aware data to enhance their on-site experience.

Proximity marketing

As LLE provides data about each WiFi user, it can be used to trigger marketing campaigns based on the accurate location information or targeted user behavior. That includes delivering personalized emails or text messages with special offers to deepen customer engagement.

Real-time indoor navigation

Linkyfi Location Engine provides the only indoor navigation that operates fully within a web browser, with no need to download any external apps. Thanks to frequent location updates, at refresh rate down to 1 second, it allows to navigating customers to selected facilities truly in real time.

What makes LLE outstanding?

  • Location API

  • Navigation in web

  • No additional

  • Ultra-

Benefits for integrators

WiFi VAS in your offer

Get ahead of your competitors with value-added services in your WiFi product portfolio. Integrate your WiFi with additional features and services such as analytics, indoor location, or navigation.

Ready-to-use solution

You don’t need to delegate your staff to install, configure, or sustain it. Linkyfi Location Engine is highly accessible and in case of any questions, we provide help desk support.

Simple calibration

Offer your client a solution that can work with or without manual calibration. The optional manual calibration improves the operational efficiency of LLE and increases location accuracy. The whole process is so easy that it can be performed by anyone, so it doesn’t require your engagement.

Looking for even more?
Combine Linkyfi Location Engine with the →Linkyfi platform to offer WiFi management, accurate geo-fencing, dedicated marketing campaigns, and even more data about WiFi users.

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