Available partner tracks

Access-Point Manufacturers

  • Elevate Your Products: Integrate with Linkyfi and transform your access-points into a dynamic marketing powerhouse.

  • Innovate and Stand Out: Incorporate real-time, location-based services to distinguish your offerings from the competition.

Access-Point Distributors/Resellers

  • Boost Your Earnings: Generate additional margins on top of your WiFi access-point sales.

  • Create Recurring Revenue: Tap into ongoing revenue streams and secure your financial growth.

  • Expand Your Portfolio: Enhance your product range to capture a larger market share and stay ahead of the curve.

  • Set Yourself Apart: Differentiate your offerings to stand out in a competitive market.

System or Network Integrators

  • Maximize Profit Margins: Earn more on top of your existing WiFi infrastructure services.

  • Sustainable Revenue Streams: Unlock continuous revenue opportunities for long-term business stability.

  • Unlock Marketing Potential: Open a world of innovative marketing products, enhancing your service offerings.

Join us in revolutionizing WiFi solutions. Together, let's reshape the future of connectivity and customer engagement. Partner with Linkyfi today.
Expand your portfolio with a cutting-edge guest WiFi marketing platform

Linkyfi has spent a decade perfecting the art of guest WiFi and WiFi-based marketing solutions, catering to prestigious brands worldwide. Our expertise particularly shines in enhancing the guest WiFi experience across diverse retail environments, from bustling shopping centers to popular restaurant chains.

More than just connectivity, Linkyfi offers a platform for innovative guest WiFi marketing. Our technology empowers businesses in sectors like retail, transportation, and entertainment to not only provide seamless internet access but also to engage with customers through personalized marketing and analytics.
In stadiums, event arenas, and city projects, Linkyfi's solutions go beyond basic WiFi. We provide tools for real-time customer engagement and insights, transforming WiFi from a utility to a powerful marketing tool.
A decade in, Linkyfi remains a leader in guest WiFi and marketing, helping businesses harness the power of digital connectivity to grow and succeed in today's competitive landscape.

How do we work together?

  • Zero Entry Costs: Start without any upfront fees.

  • Flexibility and Local Insight: Your knowledge of the local market is invaluable. We're here to listen and adapt to your needs.

  • Big Margins: We're committed to your profitability - earn more to scale up quickly.

  • Volume Discounts: Enjoy significant savings as your order quantity increases.

  • Expert Guidance: Dedicated pre-sales engineer support.

  • Competitive Edge: Broaden your portfolio effortlessly.

  • Easy Deployment: No extra hardware or software required

  • Full Support: Comprehensive assistance from onboarding to ongoing management

  • Joint Marketing Initiatives: Benefit from collaborative marketing efforts.

Our Partnership Journey with Linkyfi
Initial discussion

Our collaboration begins with a meaningful conversation. We'll explore your business objectives and how Linkyfi can play a role in achieving them, ensuring we understand your unique needs for a fruitful partnership.

Assigning a Contact Person

After our initial meeting, you'll be paired with a dedicated contact person. This expert will be your primary liaison, providing tailored support and guidance throughout our partnership.

Partnership Agreement

The next step is to formalize our collaboration with a partnership agreement. This document lays the foundation for our shared journey, marking the start of a promising alliance.

Building the Pipeline

Together, we will develop a strong pipeline of opportunities. This involves strategizing market entries, crafting engagement tactics, and utilizing our collective resources to create impactful results.

Earning Money Together

As we progress, our focus will be on joint profitability. Our partnership is not just about shared efforts but also about shared successes, ensuring that both parties benefit financially from the collaboration.

Join Our Success Story
Become a Reseller Partner with Linkyfi and Unlock New Business Opportunities!
Elevate Your Business with Linkyfi Reseller Program!

Offer your clients a top-tier Wi-Fi analytics platform and enjoy exclusive benefits as a Linkyfi reseller. Sign up today and start differentiating your business!

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