posted: January 26, 2023  updated: January 26, 2023

The Missing Link to Elevating Your Shopping Mall's Reputation

The Missing Link to Elevating Your Shopping Mall's Reputation

Are you running a shopping mall and looking for new ways to wow your customers and drive more business? Well, have you considered a WiFi marketing solution like Linkyfi? You might be wondering, what exactly is a WiFi marketing solution? And why is it so important for shopping malls? Well, let me tell you that it's a game-changer!


A complete WiFi marketing solution like Linkyfi is a package of features that can help you understand your customers better and create a more personalized experience for them. It includes WiFi analytics, which can give you insights into your customer's behaviour, preferences, and demographics. Plus, it also includes features like WiFi advertising, which can be used to create targeted marketing campaigns and drive more foot traffic to your stores. And let's not forget the loyalty programs, which can help you retain your customers and get them coming back for more.


But the best part is that Linkyfi helps you detect any issues with your mall's infrastructure and services, like poor WiFi coverage, so you can address them and improve the customer experience. All in all, a complete WiFi marketing solution like Linkyfi is a powerful tool that can help you enhance the customer experience, increase customer engagement, and drive more business - and who wouldn't want that?

Benefits of using a WiFi marketing solution like Linkyfi in your shopping centres

For owners

1. Location Analytics 

By marking areas on a map and monitoring performance, you can gain insights into which areas of the mall are performing well and which areas may need improvement. This information can then be used to make decisions about attracting new tenants or upselling premium locations.

2. Movement patterns 

Linkyfi’s location-based services give you information about visitors’ movement patterns. By understanding how visitors move throughout the mall, you can redirect traffic to underperforming areas, effectively allocate space, and optimize the customer journey. This can lead to increased sales and a better customer experience.

3. Optimized advertising 

With Linkyfi, you can utilize customizable captive portals for brand promotion and create targeted email campaigns. This can help to increase brand awareness and drive more foot traffic to your stores.

4. Adaptable management of tenants

With the ability to map your mall and tenants in one dashboard, you can easily apply settings to selected clusters and view both group and individual performance. This allows for more effective and targeted management strategies, leading to better performance and increased business growth.

For tenants

1. Extra advertising space

With our extremely customizable white-label Captive Portal and Landing Page Builder, your tenants get extra advertising space to display their ads to customers when they login to the WiFi at the shopping mall. This provides an additional opportunity for your tenants to promote their business to customers.

2. Targeted advertising opportunities 

The location-based services for geo-fencing offered by Linkyfi allow for targeted advertising campaigns to be run when customers are in the mall and in the vicinity of the shop that wants to advertise to them. This allows for more personalized and effective advertising for your tenants, as they can reach customers who are nearby and more likely to be interested in their products or services.

For customers

1. Free Internet access 

The virtually infinite login path possibilities provided by Linkyfi's platform allow customers to access limited internet for free or provide more information about themselves in exchange for extra access. This gives customers the flexibility to choose the level of access they want, and also allows businesses to reward premium customers with better bandwidth or longer access.

2. Better customer experience

Linkyfi's location-based indoor navigation feature can enhance the customer experience at your shopping mall, making it more accessible for customers to find the stores they are looking for or their cars in the parking lot. This feature uses location data to provide customers with turn-by-turn navigation within the mall, which can save time and make it easier for your customers to find what they are looking for. This can lead to a more positive shopping experience, encouraging customers to return to the mall in the future.

Final Thoughts

Linkyfi is a WiFi marketing solution for shopping malls that can help you understand your customers better, create a more personalized experience, and drive more business. It includes features like WiFi analytics, targeted advertising campaigns, and loyalty programs. It also has location-based services to detect issues with the mall's infrastructure and improve the customer experience. It's a complete package that can help you take your shopping mall's reputation to the next level. Want to give it a try? Take our product for a free test drive or contact us now for more information.


Linkyfi Team

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