posted: March 16, 2023 

5 Places You Should Never Install Free Wi-Fi

5 Places You Should Never Install Free Wi-Fi

5 Worst Places to Install Free Wi-Fi

Let's be real here, who doesn't love free Wi-Fi? Free Wi-Fi is like discovering a rainbow in the middle of a desert. It can turn any mundane place into an exciting hotspot (pun intended) for people.


It's the ultimate mood booster for those times when you're stuck waiting in line or enduring a long, boring meeting. And let's not forget about the dentist's waiting room - a place where time seems to stand still. But with free Wi-Fi, suddenly you can stream your favourite show, catch up on work emails, or even browse social media without feeling like you're wasting your time. It's like a little slice of heaven in an otherwise mundane setting.

So, if you're a business owner looking to attract more customers, using guest Wi-Fi solution is definitely a smart move. But before you go ahead with installing Wi-Fi, it's important to remember that not every location is a good fit for this service. In fact, there are some places where offering free Wi-Fi can do more harm than good. Here are five places where installing free Wi-Fi can be a terrible idea:


1. In a bee colony

Did you know that putting WiFi in a bee colony can mess with their communication skills? Bees are super sensitive to electromagnetic fields1 , and WiFi signals can interfere with their ability to find nectar and get back to the hive. It's like trying to talk at a rave - the signals get all jumbled up! 

When it comes to WiFi signal strength for communication, you want a signal strength of around -30dBm to -70dBm. GPS needs at least -125dBm2 , Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) can work with -90dBm3 and 5G needs around -60dBm4 . But cool news - the Linkyfi location engine can work with signals as low as -100dBm. Talk about making the most of a bad signal, right? 

Anyway, let's do our part and avoid installing WiFi in bee colonies so our little pollinator pals can keep on buzzing along!

2. In an alien spacecraft

Now, I know this may seem far-fetched, but bear with me for a moment. Have you ever considered the possibility of aliens visiting us and being impressed by our killer connectivity solutions?

Well, the bad news is that WiFi signals might not work in a spacecraft from another planet, as their technology could be vastly different from ours. Even on Earth, WiFi technology has advanced significantly in recent years, with WiFi65  being the latest standard and using frequencies in the range of 2.4 GHz to 5 GHz, and signal modulation schemes like 1024 QAM, which translates to better throughput and 25% higher capacity with 10 bits per symbol. But who knows how technologically advanced aliens are?

However, on the off chance that aliens do land, you should offer them free Wi-Fi from LinkyFi. Maybe they'll be so impressed with the hospitality that they'll decide to stick around a little longer.

3. In a cave

Ah, the allure of a cave - the darkness, the quiet, the rocks...and the Wi-Fi? With LinkyFi's smooth connectivity, it might seem like a great idea to offer it everywhere you go. Unfortunately, Wi-Fi signals cannot penetrate solid rocks. Those solid rocks that make up the cave walls will block the Wi-Fi signal, making it too weak to be useful. But if you really need your Wi-Fi fix, maybe try heading outside the cave to a more signal-friendly spot.

When considering the strength and quality of Wi-Fi signals, it's important to take into account the materials that make up the surrounding environment. For instance, cave walls made of limestone or granite can absorb Wi-Fi signals at different rates, depending on their composition. Similarly, water, which is a conductor of electricity due to its impurities, has the ability to absorb Wi-Fi signals as well. In areas with high humidity, wireless signals may be further weakened, resulting in slower connection speeds. Generally speaking, thicker and denser materials tend to absorb Wi-Fi signals more effectively, which can greatly reduce the strength of the signal by the time it reaches its intended destination. To put it simply, it's like trying to yell through a thick wall - your voice may make it through, but it won't be very loud on the other side.

4. In a high-security facility

If you're planning to install free Wi-Fi in a high-security facility, you might want to think again. Not only is Wi-Fi easily jammed with a cheap jammer, but do you really want to be responsible for causing a security breach? It's not exactly the best way to make a name for yourself. Is it? 

So, if you're really set on providing internet access in a high-security facility, it's probably best to stick with wired connections. Plus, you don’t want to be the one responsible for accidentally leaking top-secret information to the wrong people. Let's leave that to the Hollywood movies, shall we?

5. In a morgue

While it may seem like a good idea to provide Wi-Fi marketing software in a morgue, it's important to consider the potential risks. Wi-Fi signals could potentially interfere with the sensitive equipment used to preserve and store bodies, which could compromise the integrity of the facility and the work of the staff. 

In addition, all devices must comply with electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) regulations6 , and it's important to ensure that any equipment used in such a setting doesn't pose a risk to the equipment or staff. So, it's best to avoid setting up public Wi-Fi hotspots in morgues and instead focus on promoting your brand with LinkyFi, which provides WiFi connectivity in other, more appropriate venues.


LinkyFi: the right WiFi for the right place

At LinkyFi, we believe that free Wi-Fi is more than just a perk for your customers - it's a way to enhance their overall experience and keep them coming back for more. That's why we offer a range of WiFi marketing solutions, including Guest Wi-Fi marketing a nd Wi-Fi proximity marketing, to help you boost your marketing efforts and engage with your customers in new and exciting ways.


Our team will ensure your WiFi marketing platform is installed in the right place, without disturbing any bees or aliens! 


So if you're looking for a reliable and customer-centric WiFi marketing solution, look no further than LinkyFi. Get in touch with us now! We're here to help you take your business to the next level - one connection at a time!












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