AVSystem Introduces the UMP Fixed Wireless Access Solution

AVSystem is delighted to release UMP Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) -- a solution that will help communications service providers efficiently monitor their services and solve customer problems. By using UMP's sophisticated device management and service quality monitoring, CSPs will be able to tackle the challenge of significantly more varying signal strength and quality typical for wireless-based deployments. To further facilitate FWA deployments, AVSystem also offers a TR-069 Test tool, where CSPs can point CPE vendors so that they check the compatibility of their FWA devices (private LTE, 5G or CBRS-specific) with TR-069.

As AVSystem’s flagship product, deployed over 40 countries, Unified Management Platform (UMP) continues to expand its capabilities and supported use cases to meet the demanding needs of the industry. UMP FWA is a solution that is aimed at companies that want to maximize their return on FWA investments with automated service quality assurance.

Shared spectrum will undoubtedly unleash unprecedented market opportunities for service providers and new entrants. Utilizing CBRS spectrum allows service providers to get into harder-to-reach, underserved areas. However, to be able to manage that service effectively and efficiently without adding significant costs will require a scalable, flexible, automated platform capable of managing devices in a multi-vendor environment. Today, be it fixed wireless access for rural residential homes or enterprise private IoT networks, being able to perform auto-provisioning of the devices, and detect and resolve anomalies either at the network level (from base stations to radio transmissions) or individual device level, often means getting or losing a customer. Companies looking to deploy CBRS FWA services should first and foremost look at a management platform as well as that platform’s integration capabilities with its customer care and back-end systems, says William L. Yan, President of Americas at AVSystem.

The solution features an advanced visualization of key performance indicators (KPIs) on dashboards and geographical maps that gives operators deep insight into network performance and helps them to quickly find the cause of potential problems with devices. Ready-to-use sets of diagnostics, fully automated latency and packet loss monitoring, speed tests as well as QoS trend analysis guarantee top-class customer experience. Finally, the option to combine the UMP FWA solution with the UMP Smart Workflows solution may be particularly attractive to operators that want to ensure a successful deployment of their FWA venture.

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