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How to create WiFi landing pages to maximize your benefits

How to create WiFi landing pages to maximize your benefits

You may be familiar with the term “landing page” in the context of online marketing, where it stands for a dedicated website designed for lead generation. But what is a landing page in the context of WiFi marketing? And why should you pay attention to how your WiFi landing page looks when offering guest WiFi?

What is a WiFi landing page?

A WiFi landing page is the first page that people see after they log into your guest WiFi. The process looks something like this: when visitors want to use the internet at your venue, they will try to connect to your network. When they do, they will see a splash page (also called a “captive portal” or, simply, a “login page”) which will ask them to log in. Once they do that, they will be immediately taken to a website called the landing page. What website? That’s up to you! This can be any page on the internet, such as your company website or a dedicated “Thank you” page. But we invite you to be more creative than that! Depending on your industry, the contents of your WiFi landing page will differ, but we’ve seen a ton of great ideas on how to make the best use of it! Here, we’ve collected some from different verticals.


With retail WiFi software, you can use your WiFi landing page to promote your best deals. This way, the first thing people see after they log into your network is exactly the offer you want them to notice. If your WiFi marketing platform is easy and flexible enough to use (which it should be!), you can change these even daily to match your current promotional strategy. You can even have different permissions for different users within your structure and allow store managers to change the displayed promo deals on their own, to better match their store’s promotional strategy and needs.

Alternatively, you can delight your customers with a coupon. This can be something like 5% off their total purchase, or a “buy one, get one free” type of offer. Imagine: getting a discount for using free WiFi. Who wouldn’t love such a store?

Shopping malls

At shopping malls, WiFi has become practically indispensable. And while owners offer it to customers for free, it doesn’t mean there is no return on that investment! Guest WiFi can significantly improve customer experience if you know how to use it.

Suppose your WiFi marketing platform also comes with an indoor navigation system. In that case, you can provide your customers with an easy-to-navigate map of your shopping mall on your WiFi landing page. This way, as soon as they log into your network, they will know where to go.

You can also use indoor mapping to let your customers pin where they parked their car – who doesn’t hate wandering around a huge parking lot, searching for their car after shopping? By pointing your customers to such an app on your WiFi landing page, you make sure that people who are most likely to use it (because they already have the phone in their hand!) know that they can use it.


Who doesn’t expect to have WiFi at a restaurant or their favorite coffee shop? Use that to build customer loyalty to your brand. Create a dedicated WiFi landing page where you’ll invite customers to participate in your loyalty campaign – for example, offer them their tenth coffee for free. According to a brand loyalty management firm, Bond, 71% of customers find loyalty campaigns meaningful to their brand relationships. You’re not sure how to create one? With a good WiFi marketing platform, this should be easy – you can set it up in minutes and manage the whole campaign virtually, no loyalty cards or stamps needed!

And if your WiFi marketing platform is really flexible, you can set up different landing pages for different users. This means you can invite new customers to participate in your loyalty campaign and remind returning visitors how far they are from their prize.

Public transport

Oh, the nightmare of crowded stations and terminals! The dread of looking for the information from which track your train leaves as you trudge through the station with a heavy suitcase in tow. Or checking if your plane is ready to board. Or crowding around a flight board with a dozen other people to see if the person you’re waiting for has already arrived. At which gate should you wait for their plane?

What if the WiFi at your airport or train station could help with that? What if you displayed the timetable on your WiFi landing page for everyone to see as soon as they log into the network?

Another idea – good not just for public transport, but also for WiFi in smart cities – is to use the WiFi landing page to promote the city that visitors have just arrived in. Share the most interesting trivia, the coolest tourist attractions, or simply the most helpful information, such as ways to commute or the location of the tourist information.


One football club came up with the idea to encourage visitors to use stadium WiFi by asking them to vote for the MVP of the game on their WiFi landing page. The poll results were shown on the jumbotron during the game, further encouraging people to participate. Why was it so crucial for the fans to use the WiFi? Because it gave the stadium owners a breadth of information about its visitors. Thanks to their WiFi marketing platform, they could collect data about the visitors (such as their age or sex), their behavior patterns (e.g., whether they were first-time visitors), and even on how the visitors moved around the venue. This information allowed them to target fans better and optimize the space to be more visitor-friendly. All thanks to a fun poll on a WiFi landing page!

So what’s your idea?

We hope these examples gave you some idea of how you can use your WiFi landing page to make improvements to your business. Across all verticals, there are many great ideas that can inspire you to experiment or come up with an entirely new concept that will hook your WiFi users and give you material benefits. Now that you’re armed with inspirations, there’s only one more thing that you need: a WiFi marketing platform that can handle your creativity! With Linkyfi, setting up user permissions and login paths is as easy as one, two, three, and so is creating WiFi landing pages. Thanks to a versatile drag-and-drop page design engine, you can create eye-catching landing pages with minimal effort and skills in graphic design and change them as often as you want. But that’s not all! Linkyfi comes with a powerful location engine that you can use to both monitor customer behavior and to create even more useful landing pages. It also has a marketing engine that you can use to set up loyalty promos and retargeting campaigns – all within one place. So get to work, and be sure to share with us the amazing creations you come up with using Linkyfi!



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