Enabling device management in bulk with Cloud ACS


Planetel is an Italian Internet Service Provider that manages hundreds of devices everyday. The company turned to AVSystem for a solution that would help them perform device management in bulk. The possibility to create specific groups of devices and perform mass operations on them played a crucial role in their business plan.


AVSystem offered Planetel its Cloud ACS platform which uses the TR-069 protocol for remote device management. The platform enabled automatic disabling of media server and SMB on all devices after a unit connects to the Auto Configuration Server.
Thanks to the platform, operations such as HTTPS access or generation of special TR-069 login for remote access to device’s GUI have been made very easy due to ready-to-use task templates available in the system. Planetel can now also provision WiFi services with one automatic process which is running on all devices connected to the platform. Dynamic creation of device groups based on chosen parameters allows the company to easily take control over all of their devices. What’s more, the groups can be customized and the hierarchy of devices can be changed, all of which ensure high device management in bulk capabilities.


Thanks to AVSystem’s product the company was able to reduce the time spent on manual configuring of WiFi settings on each device in their network. Moreover, by using platform’s monitoring features Planetel can now verify service availability limits, find out which devices are offline as well as check the latency in the network. With the platforms strong capabilities ensuring device management in bulk, the company can reach their business goals with much less resources.


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