UMP Cloud

Remote device management tool in the cloud

UMP Cloud is a remote device management solution for small and midsize businesses. It gives the full advantages of a carrier grade ACS server in a SaaS delivery model so, that ISPs can offer top quality service to the end users.

How does it work?

  • Connect any number of devices

    UMP Cloud supports TR-069 (CWMP) and any other protocols, all vendors, and device types.

  • Use a single platform

    Provision, manage and monitor all devices remotely. Add new devices and let the system grow with your business.

  • Use API for integration

    Integrate UMP Cloud with other systems such as CRM, ticketing system or OSS/BSS.

Perfect solution for BEC, AVM, Mikrotik, D-Link and more.

and more


Automate mass configuration

Benefit from the rich collection of presets for DSL, VoIP, IPTV, LTE, WiMAX, and WiFi. Your configuration, including both the common and the device-specific parameters, can be automatically propagated across your network. Different configurations can be defined for discrete devices based on given preconditions.


Perform firmware upgrade & handle exceptions

Prearrange firmware upgrade flows to decide which devices should be upgraded to a specific software version. Any failed updates will be detected automatically – you will be able to check the cause, re-run the tasks automatically or manually and store the most problematic devices in the separate group.


Get control over maintenance tasks

Save your time by performing operations on any group of devices at once. Devices can be grouped based on the chosen criteria, such as device type, its location, or device capabilities. That enables you to, for example, restart devices with high memory usage or add services to clients at a selected geographical location. You will never interfere with the clients’ needs by performing your maintenance work during off-peak hours.


Track service performance with proactive alerting

Track the quality of service for end-users’ devices using predefined, ready-to-use monitoring templates and alerts. You can monitor inactive/faulty devices, bandwidth consumption, latency, LTE/BTS, WiFi security,or any other parameter available on a specific device type. Use proactive monitoring and alerting for early problem detection and troubleshooting.


Solve the problems on the spot

Diagnose and resolve network problems remotely during a support call to reduce the need for on-site troubleshooting. Call Center Representatives can access notes and details of the specific device’s performance, reboot it, and modify its settings. Most of the problems can be solved using visual tools or Quick Fix actions, which make the work easier for non-technical staff.

More features


Run a full set of diagnostics to detect any network problems early. Analyze all the logs of a specific device or device group to find the possible cause and quickly fix the problem. Then, you can automatically apply the solution to the specific group of devices or to the whole network.

Secure NBI for OSS/BSS integration

Integrate Cloud UMP with your CRM or OSS/BSS systems with secure Northbound interface (NBI) using a SOAP web service. We will support you by providing you with NBI call examples so that you can easily develop your own provisioning flow.

Full auto discovery

UMP Cloud is capable of automatic device registration. Retrieved during the first connection, all existing parameters can be modified or renamed in order to unify the provisioning procedure. Manual configuration of every single parameter is no longer required, so that administrator workload is reduced.


Compete with the biggest Telcos

Use the carrier-grade solution deployed by the biggest operators to truly compete with them. Gain access to the advanced remote management, provisioning, and monitoring features to deliver the best quality service to your customers.

Rely on high-level security

UMP Cloud ensures the same level of security as on-site deployments. Hosted in industry-proven cloud infrastructure, it has a geo-redundant architecture for data loss protection.

Reduce costs

Save time thanks to remote network management, helping you better allocate your resources. Reduce the time spent on manual network operations such as configuration changes, enabling and disabling services, and diagnosis.

Avoid initial investment

Get access to all advanced features with no upfront payments or initial CAPEX investments. UMP Cloud is offered in a SaaS model so you will get charged only for the real resources used by your devices.

Get all upgrades with no charge

Take advantage of using the platform that is constantly being developed and tailored to the customer’s needs - all the upgrades are free of charge and managed by AVSystem. You can also request custom functionality when the need arises.

Benefit from business intelligence

Use the data provided by UMP Cloud to segment your market and identify various kinds of your customers. This will enable you to maximize your profits and avoid potential business losses by adjusting your offer and implementing active upselling.


Equipment needed None (cloud-based)
Easy growing and scaling
All modules and features
Management protocol support
Communication security TLS with AVSystem’s certificate
User management Basic
Regular updates
Training Initial online training + materials
Technical support 24/7 Next Business Day
Option to buy Premium Support (24/7)


Supported management protocols CWMP (TR-069), HTTP/S (configuration file provisioning), OMA LwM2M
Supported device classes ADSL, VDSL routers, home gateways, FFTx ONTs, LTE devices, 4G mobile broadband routers, IP phones, IPTV Set Top Boxes, 3G/4G Femtocells and more
Diagnostics Ping, Traceroute, Download, Upload
Monitoring Inactive/faulty devices, bandwidth consumption, latency, LTE/BTS, WiFi security, and any other parameter available on a device (Parameter Based Monitoring)
Alerting Based on advanced monitoring extensions
Security HTTPS connector for devices and TLS for NBI
Built-in servers CWMP, GUI, STUN and XMPP servers for NAT traversal
  • Alsatis chose the UMP Cloud Service for the fully featured solution, the ease of deployment, and the cost control it allows us to have. We appreciate the reactive support we had for the adaptations we asked for

    Frédéric Moulins

    Network and Software Development Engineer, Alsatis, France

  • We needed a TR069 platform for management our IP phones and UMP Cloud was brilliant. During a trial period we stayed really satisfied with what AVSystem has to offer. It is highly configurable and permits good control in any aspect of the devices. The company turned out to be the best in its domain.

    Andres Ruiz

    Co-Founder, Ubunet, Spain

  • We are working with AVSystem as a TR-069 ACS provider for quite a long time now and we are very satisfied with their work ethics and technical strength. We always get their engineering support quickly and we do appreciate a feeling of strong back-up that we receive.

    Samuel Osorio

    Technical Director, Adam, Spain

  • We needed a TR-69 service provider to help integrate into our network to provide cost effective solutions across a large geographic area. AVSystem seamlessly integrated into our network. We were surprised when we received real-time support from the AVSystem engineers while being on the other side of the world. We have found the company very easy to deal with.

    Paul Mula

    Co-Founder and COO, Frontier, Australia

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